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We are an Information Technology (I.T) consultancy and solutions company.

Since 1989 we have been a visionary and a reliable software and hardware solutions partner for world-class brands. We specialise in delivering solutions across different industries, including Finance, Insurance, Education and Energy.

IT Procurement

Whether it is a laptop, a server, a virtual cloud platform or even consumables, we can help your IT procurement

IT Strategy

Helping customers understand how to provision, define and implement their IT strategy

IT Software

We can help supply any software requirements you have for your own Business Intelligence data solutions.
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We have the technology and industry expertise to develop solutions that can deliver the business outcomes you need.

Deep Expertise &

We have the technology and proven industry expertise in developing IT solutions to fit every business requirement.

Dedicated IT

We can define, draft and implement dedicated IT solutions, across any specific area of concern for your business.
We serve a wide and varied set of industries

Lane has deep industry expertise that enables global brands to deliver higher ROI and a compelling TCO.


#01 Finance

The introduction of cloud and mobile technologies into enterprise software — and the advancement of data processing systems — have significantly increased productivity for businesses in the Financial sector.

Lane serves a number of Financial businesses, to solve all of their IT operational needs. We have in-depth experience in working within highly regulated organizations.

#02 Education

At Lane we are proud to help support a number of Educational entities, from primary, secondary schools, to large University insitutions.

Lane can work to supply the demanding requirements in education with fast turnarounds, and purchasing equipment at scale.

#03 Industrial

Industrial businesses are focused on manufacturing, building and logistical IT requirements. We have supplied a number of businesses with IT solutions that stretch both design (CAD) to deployment (full Network solutions).

#04 Banking

Banking is one of the critical industries that we support through IT procurement and defining solutions. We have worked with institutional investors to setup new offices, solve virtualisation requirements and hardware for a full trading office.

Lane can deliver sophisticated requirements that confirm to tightly regulated environments, including working with technical partners to deploy the solutions on-site.

#05 Energy

Lane works with a number of energy companies that focus on the delivery of energy to both households, and the refining of energy for storage and business needs. We work directly with supplying IT solutions to these companies, even to remote areas.

#06 Travel and Tourism

We work with a number of Travel companies, that supply travel for not only consumers but also for businesses. We work closely to ensure that the travels companies can solve for the needs of their customers and their employees.

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