Services and Solutions

Our solutions

Cost effective solutions are key to IT investment.  Lane matches user requirements to tailored hardware and software solutions.  We understand that solutions must meet client processes, reporting and compliance requirements for successful deployments.

Our experience covers many business application areas, including:-

  • Cloud Services
  • Computer Hardware
  • Network Infrastructure Solutions
  • Mobile Computing
  • System Security

Hardware solutions

Hardware elements are the foundations upon which company IT systems are built.  Due to the complexity of hardware options, operating system platforms, system utilities and connectivity, a complete system is like a chain.  Once a single link is broken then the whole operation may suffer.

As ever increasing convenience is now the norm, hardware systems must be resilient and robust, with the back-up of data, protection against viruses and power failures, all covered with the minimum of operator dependency. All hardware solutions need to be properly designed and installed to ensure fast and reliable operations are achieved with minimum risk of disruption.

Our professional expertise covers all of these hardware solution elements, backed with over twenty three years worth of experience for clients from large corporate enterprises to educational institutions.